Specialized Categories

As an antique buyer, we are interested in purchasing American Indian items, old photographs, and fine art. We do estate liquidation and specialize in Portland antiques.


American Indian Items

Indian baskets

Indian baskets

We have 40+ years of experience regarding this subject. Here is a partial list of what we buy: Indian Baskets, Navajo Rugs and Blankets, Beaded Bags, Moccasins, Clothing, Pottery, Kachinas, Indian Dolls, Masks, Rattles, Paddles, Totems, Feast Bowls, Pipes, Carved Items, Pottery, Turquoise Jewelry, etc. We are possibly interested in anything American Indian, Alaskan, or Eskimo, made by Indians for Indians.

Old Photographs

old photographs

Old photographs

Postcards and Paper Ephemera. I really like old photographs and post cards such as old family photos, old west, cowboys, Indians, mining, logging, sports, work, farms, automotive, landscapes, street scenes, famous people, or your ancestors. I also have interest in old catalogs, manuals, vintage posters, magazines and sports programs. If it’s paper, it’s old and unusual, I may be interested.

Fine Art

fine art

Fine Art

We buy old paintings, prints, and lithographs, especially by Northwest Artists such as Clyde Archibald, Eliza Barchus, Sidney Bell, Eugene Bennett, Albert Bierstadt, Lucy Bower, Grafton Tyler Brown, Elvira Bump, Luois Bunce, Rockwell Cary, Enger Irving Couse, Frank Vincent DuMond, John Joseph Englehart, Edward Espey, Anthony Euwer, Ray Eyerly, Grace Fountain, Constance Fowler, Cyrus Fulton, Byron Gardner, Theodore Gegoux, Jonas Grafstrom, Rachel Smith Griffin, Sally Haley, Carl Hall, Childe B. Hassam, Charles Heaney, Edward Hill, Elmer House, George Johanson, Anna Junk, Clyde Keller, Maude Kerns, Erich Lamade, Paul Lauritz, Bird LeFever, Thayne Logan, Percy Manser, David McCosh, Charles McKim, William McLarty, Charlotte Mish, Carl Morris, Charles Mulvey, William Parrott, Albert Patecky, C.S. Price, Edward Quigley, Warren Rollins, Theresa Rothstein, Albert Runquist, Arthur Runquist, Michele Russo, Nelson Sandgren, Amanda Snyder, John Mix Stanley, Clara Jane Stephens, James Stuart, Charles Voorhies, John Waddingham, Maude Wanker, Myra Wiggins, Lucia Wiley, Melville T. Wire, C.E.S. Wood.